Episode 7

Is Fear Keeping You From Ownership?

A lot of business owners and homeowners are plagued with fear. Is fear keeping you from ownership? Guest Phillip Deems, a business development director/creative director and owner of 3 Odd Guys Brewing gives tips on business and home ownership, tips on how much money u need to not be disappointed. He talks about starting up a business right as the pandemic hit in 2020 and how his business is persevering! Tune in now! Black Men Sundays podcast is ranked #36 of the top Black Business podcasts. https://blog.feedspot.com/black_wealth_and_investing_podcasts/

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Black Men Sundays
This podcast offers professional techniques for building generational wealth and general finance tips aided by weekly guest speakers who are professionals in finance.

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Corie Murray

Emmy Award Winning News Photojournalist of over 20 years that has covered major trials, hurricanes, and all major news stories happening around the United States and Central Florida. A native of Brooklyn, NYC and educated in Newport News and Hampton, Virginia. Graduate of the FAMU School of Journalism with emphasis on the science of Broadcast Journalism. Interests include buying stocks to increase portfolio, property ownership, and learning to be more financially sound, and is an avid investor in African American businesses.